Everyone in Kronos was so inspired by your performance. Maybe thrilled is a more accurate description.
The sound that emanates from your singers is unparalleled in my experience. It is so strong and rich (…).

David Harrington, the member of Kronos Quartet

When the stridently beautiful triads that begin Górecki’s famous Totus tuus
seemed to set light to the resonant acoustic of Greyfriars Kirk, I knew this concert was going to be something special. (…)

Simon Thompson / Edinburgh Festival 2014, Week’s Reviews

The Polish Radio Choir was founded by Jerzy Gert in October 1948. For almost 70 years of operation, the choir has been performing both unaccompanied works and vocal-instrumental forms that represent various styles and periods, with a particular focus on Polish music. Next to their concert activity, the Polish Radio Choir performs archival recordings for the Polish Radio
and Television, as well as CD recordings for both national and foreign labels.